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The SPRiNGS brand


At Springs, we are striving to contribute to shape a prosperous future with our customers and society, based around the following.

Our Brand Promise
Believe in Innovation>>
our brand promise

Springs's brand promise - Believe in Innovation - is about believe in the future of technology and innovation. It describes our way of doing business, building on our long-term relationships with our customers and society.

In creating our brand promise, we asked our customers and employees to share their thoughts on the essence of SPRiNGS, and we summarized their responses into our three key attributes:

  • Responsive
  • : We act flexibly while thoroughly understanding the conditions and needs of our customers and society.
  • Ambitious
  • : We strive for higher goals for our customers with new ideas.
  • Genuine
  • : We always act with sincerity, and produce results reliably.

    The SPRiNGS brand promise forms the basis for all our activities worldwide. Employees bring "Believe in Innovation" to life in everything they do. As a global IT company originating in India, we respect the different characteristics of countries and regions around the world, while valuing our Indian qualities.

    Our corporate philosophy is SPRiNGS Way, which is the basis of the SPRiNGS Brand platform. SPRiNGS Way states our corporate vision as below:

    "Through our constant pursuit of innovation, the Spring S Technologies aims to contribute to the creation of a networked society that is rewarding and secure, bringing about a prosperous future that fulfills the dreams of people throughout the world."

    In promoting our brand, we ensure all aspects of our company - employee behavior, communications, facilities and environment, and products and services are consistent with the brand, and customers and stakeholders can feel the essence of Springs in all their contacts with us.

    our brand promise
    Brand Management

    In collaboration with our overseas brand team, the Corporate Brand Office plans and manages group-wide brand strategy and has brand managers from each business unit manage brand related activities. The brand managers develop brand measures in each of their business areas and promote brand planning, development, and management for each product. The Corporate Brand Office, has developed, and rolled out internally, Spring Brand Principles (SBP) which stipulate rules on company names, the symbol mark (logo), product and service brands, our Visual Identity (VI) and communications.

    Brand Communication

    We aim for a consistent and distinctive tone of voice and visual style in all our communications.

    Springs's corporate design was developed to convey the brand promise "Believe in Innovation" in a unique visual statement. The main VI building blocks are the Spring Symbol Mark (logo mark) and the Response Module (brand graphic). In addition, the VI relies on blue as the official corporate color, using a striking and differentiating color palette that resonates strongly with the international IT market.

    brand communication
    The Response Module

    Symbolizing dialog, the Response Module is a powerful and effective interpretation of the brand promise "Believe in Innovation". It state that we believe in innovation for future technology and SPRiNGS keep meaning that I believe on innovation in field of technology.

    Product and Service Brands

    We work with our customers in all our business activities, including product development, software service delivery and research activities. Our product design reflects this approach, and our products are user friendly, reliable, and cutting edge.

    Employees and Our Brands

    To ensure all employees truly understand and practice the core ideas of our brand, we implement brand training programs through e-learning and other brand education programs. In addition, an internal SPRiNGS brand newsletter shares our latest activities, and complements regular brand awareness surveys of all group employees.

    Brand Evaluation

    We conduct a Global Brand Awareness Survey externally. The survey is a corporate recognition research targeting strategic IT and business decision makers in key countries around the world. We use these and other key performance indicators (KPI) to regularly evaluate the value of our brand.